About me

A cultural purist at heart, travelling has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Like many others, I love exploring new places, delving into the unknown and experiencing the adventures that this world has to offer us.

However, what inspires me to travel is more than just the astounding beauty of nature. Its about understanding the people, their culture, their experiences, their habits and appreciating the differences. Its about learning something new everyday and really making each & every moment count. Its about enjoying the adrenaline rush and also finding peace.

Thus began The Other Side Forever, which is a travel blog that aims to go beyond tourist guides. It is not just a checklist of the places you should visit and the things you should do. They are description of real experiences.

Through my writings, I shall try to take the reader on a journey to see the world through my eyes. I shall attempt to make the reader feel at least 1% of what I felt during my journey. This is not to say that it will not include relevant information. It will include all tips and checklists that are required too but it will not be limited by these.

My writings are only a medium of expression for me. They are my feelings, my thoughts and my views. I humbly apologize in advance if any of them offend any reader and I also deeply appreciate different or even contradictions to my ideas.

I hope I can touch your heart through my writing. Happy reading.