A visual story of Hong Kong’s compelling street art

Hong Kong’s street art scene is booming and creativity is at an all time high. Here are 14 photos to show you why you need to check it out ASAP!

Wong Chuk Hang

Did you know that every year Hong Kong has an event called HK Walls where artists are brought to Hong Kong from all over the world to create fantastic murals in the streets of Hong Kong? Well, in 2017, the main venue for HK Walls was Wong Chuk Hang.

So, where to start? Get out of the MTR and you will find some of these immediately! Here is a rough map and for the complete version, click the link below (it’s the official map for HK Walls 2017)


Map of street art in Wong Chuk Hang

Map of street art in Wong Chuk Hang

Now, lets take a look at the murals!

Street art in Wong Chuk Hang

Mural 1

Wong Chuk Hang street art

Mural 2

Walk around the nearby lanes and you will be delighted!

Mural 3

Mural 4

Cool street art in Ovolo Southside

Head over to Ovolo Southside, 64 Wong Chuk Hang Road to check out some of the best murals!

Murals at Ovolo Southside, Hong kong

Mural 5

The other exit of Wong Chuk Hang

Wong Chuk Hang has multiple exits and the other exit opens up to many more wonderful murals!

Street art in Hong Kong

Mural 6

Street art in Hong kong

Mural 7

Street art in Hong Kong

Mural 8

Hong Kong's street art

Mural 9

Murals in hong kong

Mural 10

Mural 11

Central and Soho

Narrow streets of Soho area

The areas around Central and Soho are exactly what you see in famous pictures of Hong Kong. Narrow and steep streets and shops and buildings lined up on the sides. This area is also well known for its street art and here is why a walking tour here is worth it:

Mural near Central Hong kong

Mural 1

This one is my favourite!

The steep roads form a beautiful base to the colorful buildings filled with murals!

Street art near Soho

Mural 3

Mural 4

Other than these, Hong Kong boasts of magnificent street art that truly displays their creativity in many other areas. One of such places is Kwun Tong which I did not have a chance to visit.

A walking tour around these areas will surely get you clicking. So, next time you are in Hong Kong, don’t forget to include a day to catch these fascinating street art!

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